When it comes to orcs metal elements, I always see them as old and battered elements, not always rusty but for sure not smooth and bright as imperial armour plates or bretonnian swords. In order to achieve this effect I add a bit of texture first and then I apply some washes to simulate an old and worn out appearance.

Being this tutorial aimed at units rather than single models, all the key points shown in the Orc Skin Tutorial have to be kept in mind.


Step 1: Spray

We apply a layer of GW Leadbelcher Spray at 45° over a black primer of your choice.

Step 2: Dray

We apply a drybrush layer of AMMO Dio Drybrush Light Metal all over the models

Step 3: Washes and details

We apply a 1:1 mix of Coat d’arms Angel Green and Vallejo Xpress Plague Green on skin parts, Xpress Copper Brown on straps and wooden handles, Xpress Hospitaller Black on blackened metal plates. We also apply GW Snakebite Leather contrast on golden parts.

We also apply a layer of 1:1 mix GW  Rakhart Flesh and Steel Legion Drab on horns and tusks

Step 4: first highlight

We apply the first highlight on skin with a mix in equal parts of Coat d’arms Angel Green and Vallejo Xpress Plague Green and Elysian Green focusing on the most raised areas of muscles.

We then move on the horns, applying a mix in equal parts of GW Flayed one Flesh, Rakhart Flesh and Steel Legion Drab with the tip of the brush, simulating the veins of the horns

Finally we add an edge highlight with Vallejo Air Silver on all the plates and weapons, using a fine brush

We also start adding the “tusks” decorations, drawing some triangles only on the dark plates with GW Rakhart Flesh

Step 5: Second highlight

We add one part of GW Flayed One Flesh to the previous orc skin mix and we focus on the most exposed skin areas.

We also add one part of AK Colors White to the previous horns mix painting finer lines within the previous ones

We highlight the tusks decorations with a mix in equal parts of GW Flayed one Flesh and Rakhart Flesh

Step 6: Refining

We apply now a wash on all metal areas except the blackened ones with Tamiya Smoke x-19. This will give the amazing worn out effect on metal. It’s a glossy colour so it can be either left as it is to simulate greasy and oily metal, or can be covered with a layer of matt varnish to give a weathered look. It’s amazing how versatile it is. Just a note: it’s aclool based so if you want to preserve your brush I strongly recommend to thin clean it in Tamiya X-20 cleaner instead of water.

We then apply a 1:1:1 mix of GW Rhinox Hide, Abaddon Black and GW Castellan Green in the recesses to correct errors and increase definition of the elements.

With pure Gw Abaddon Black we also refine the edges of the tusks decorations and with a layer of Titan hobby matt varnish spray we seal the work and complete the models.

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