Giuseppe Chiafele was born in the sunny Apulia, in the south East of Italy in 1987.

He painted is first miniature at 10 (and it’s still part of his collection), but after his master degree in economy he decided to try and turn his hobby into a profession. It was meant to be a try, a one year break from what he had studied, but he rapidily went from painting blood bowl teams for private customers to painting the boxart of almost all the major brands of the game: Rolljordan, Sukubus, Mk1881, Hungry troll, Willy, and so on.

On October 2016 starts his job as ‘eavy metal ForgeWorld painter and soon after he paints the second vehicle of his professional life, the legendary Thunderhawk, a model that gave birth to one of most recognizable traits of his job: the ferrari red.

This, plus his style that mixes the realistic FW style and the clean GW style, contributes to create some of his most recognizable works in the studio: The Nurgle Rotters, the Blood Angles boxarts, the Astraeus and many others along 2 amazing years that culminated in the paintjob of the biggest model of his FW carreer: the mighty Nemesis Warbringer titan!

In November 2018 he decides to be a freelance again and starts on new exciting projects, giving birth to the Gray’s Ghosts blood bowl team, exposing his Kingdom Death models to the official KDM stand and starts also giving online classes. Other projects still has to be revealed stay tuned and follow me to discover them!

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