Quality, reliability and communication are the strengths of Axia painting services, if you are a private customer looking for my services for your own collection or a company looking for a boxart for your website you are in the right place. Axia is a guarantee of a job up to your demand, with an interactive process that involves you with costant updates and open to reviews and feedback, from the beginning to the end of the project. In addition to the requested paintjob, you will receive HD pictures of your models and it will be shared on my instagram and facebook pages, giving you extra visibility.

Painting: the core service offered, tailored on your demand and your budget. At the moment there are two painting levels offered, High Gaming level and Boxart level. These can be mixed and matched even within the same team/squad to meet your request. For massive projects like 100+ infantry models army there is a special army level, that combines good quality with affordable price. Contact me through the contact page to get a quote.

Building and converting: the same level of quality and reliability is applied to building the models, from removing the mould lines, to filling the gaps, to drilling the barrels of the guns. Conversions are available too in order to make your models unique and make them stand out on the tabletop.

Shipping: your models deserve an appropriate shipping service. I ship using ups tracked shipping with optional insurance (strongly recommended), in this way you can track your shipping and you will know exactly when to expect it. Cheaper non tracked shippings are not available.

Tuition: do you want to learn how to paint Ferrari red? Do you want a tailored advice on your project? You want to see me painting something on your choice or you want me to overlook your job in real time? Now is possible. With my online classes you decide one topic per hour and you can either just watch me explaining and painting or you can paint following my instructions and following my feedbacks. With my HD cam with zoom you will not loose a single brushstroke, as the images of the previous classes shows! Online classes comes at 40£ per hour.