Hi guys! For my first entry in my blog, there is nothing better than a Death Korps of Krieg army! The initial idea was to match the boxart that I’ve painted for Forge World, the squad at ease, the only up to date official boxart of the DKK and keep it for the rest of the army, regardless of the painting level required. Even the vehicles shares a similar colorscheme , in order to give an overall uniform appearance to the army. Those main colors are both GW and are: Mechanicus Standard Grey and Spacewolves Grey shaded with Abaddon Black and highlighted with several layers (and brands) of beige and white.

Focusing on the main features of this army, one the most notable element is the basing of the artilleries. Each one has a 160mm round base (80mmfor the quad launcher), that gives you enough space to place the artillery itself along with shells and crew, plus some extra space left to build a nice terrain along it. In this case, I choose a nice wet mud WWI style effect, with some puddles and scattered leaves, to break the monotony of the otherwise featurless terrain. The main products used are: “AK terrains wet ground” effect for the terrain itself, AK puddles for the (surprise surprise!) puddles and birch flowers for the leaves.

In order to tie the vehicles to the base style of the other element of the army without putting them on bases too, I choose to paint them with a heavy splattered muddy effect, as this helps giving the feel that are fighting on the same battlefield. The main products used this time are “AK splatter effect wet mud” for the mud and the always useful FW powders “dark sand” and “light earth” to simulate the dry mud that you can find on some part of the tracks and on the corners of the tank.

Another key element of the army is the skintone of the horses, due to the fact that the sculpts are amazing and the skin color itself breaks the monotony of the grey color present on every model of the army. Taking inspiration from the original artwork I prepared a mix of Scale 75 Walnut, Birch, GW Mechanicus Grey, Rackhart flesh and a bit of Khorne Red. The role of the Rackhart flesh is to give a stronger coverage since it is a base color in the GW range. The red is used to give a “living” effect on an otherwise cold and stony mix and a bit more is added in the shadows with a touch of Andrea color set Black N.5 (a purplish black). Lights are made with almost pure Birch and white.

Hope you enjoyed the first article of this brand new section of the website, soon more articles will be uploaded!