ABB004 Big Warband Bundle Ancient Ones

ABB004 Big Warband Bundle Ancient Ones



High quality multi part 30mm resin miniature.
Part of our Axia Citizens of the Old World line.

Bundle contains:
Axia – AX087 Frich Von Krieger The Crimson knight (Resin cast)
Axia – AX088 Hans the Flayer (Resin cast)
Axia – AX089 Fallen Johann (Resin cast)
Axia – AX090 Fallen Bjorn (Resin cast)
Axia – AX091 Lord Corbhan The Ironhand (Resin cast)
Axia – AX092 Ghoul 1 (Resin cast)
Axia – AX093 Ghoul 2 (Resin cast)
Axia – AX094 Zombie Ursula (Resin cast)
Axia – AX095 Zombie Gherard (Resin cast)
Axia – AX096 Zombie Ludek (Resin cast)
Axia – AX097 Zombie Grete (Resin cast)
Axia – AX098 Zombie Werner (Resin cast)
Axia – AX099 Zombie Gaoler (Resin cast)
Axia – AX100 Zombie Margelein (Resin cast)
Axia – AX101 Zombie Khurt (Resin cast)
Axia – AX122 Fallen mastiffs (Resin cast)
Axia – AX124 Banner undead (Resin cast)

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